AHLSORT is a full function generic sort, merge, join and data manipulation utility that runs on Windows and Unix platforms.

It supports all data formats and record types, provides general purpose record level processing for file and data conversions. All of these functions are optimized for maximum performance.

The AHLSORT command set is compatible with products such as Syncsort, MFX and DFSORT. This reduces training and conversion costs allowing you to run your existing jobs on different platforms.

Feature Packed
Sort, Merge, Copy, Join, Reformat data with the our powerful data management Features
Used Across Industries
Our software is used in many industries such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, Marketing, Telecommunications and Manufacturing.
Compatible Across Platforms
Popular in heterogeneous computing environments where compatibility with existing software products is critical - Supported Platforms
Supports Legacy Data Types
See the list of data types we support - Supported Data Types
Robust and High Performance
AHLSORT is commonly used where high volumes of data need to be transformed and sorted in a reliable and timely manner.
See some examples of what AHLSORT can do - Examples

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